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‘Desperate Housewives’ confront other women

"Other women" abounded on "Desperate Housewives" this week, from a young babe Susan found in Jackson's shower to Karen McCluskey's black-leather-clad sister.
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Here's to you, Mrs. Schilling: "Other women" abounded on Wisteria Lane this week. Beautiful blonde Anne Schilling, played by Gail O'Grady, the mom from "American Dreams," made a definite impression on Lynette. Lynette was convinced that Tom was having a fling with the woman, who's the mother of Porter's pal, Kirby. And it did look bad for Tom when he hid a condom wrapper from his wife at the rehearsal space Anne helped him find.

But Lynette's paranoia was misaimed. Anne wasn't sleeping with Tom — she's sleeping with Tom and Lynette's teenage son, Porter. Too bad Lynette didn't realize that before she started furiously packing a suitcase to leave her non-cheating husband.

'Psycho' isn't the only scary shower scene: Feeling bad about her breakup with Jackson, Susan let herself into his place. When she heard the shower running she disrobed and pulled back the curtain. Because this is a typical Susan scheme, of course it wasn't Jackson in the shower — it was Darcy, a woman Jackson brought home. Susan ended up knocking her out after the terrified woman squirted shampoo at her shower intruder.

In the end, however, Jackson and Susan decided to try and start their relationship over. But how can that happen when an injured Gale Harold, the actor who plays Jackson, is sure to be out of commish for at least some upcoming episodes, thanks to his ?

Handyman: One of Carlos' older clients, Virginia Hildebrand (Frances Conroy from "Six Feet Under"), seems to be getting a little bit more out of Carlos' massages than anyone expected. He's introduced her to a physical reaction she isn't getting anywhere else, shall we say.

When she tries to get him to travel to Europe with her for two months, Gaby balks — until Virginia sweet-talks Gaby and offers to bring her and the girls along too, with couture dresses thrown in as bait. Oh, Gaby. You are as easy to buy as a newspaper.

The mad doctor: When a lonely Katherine confesses she's thinking of moving to Maryland to be a grandmother to Dylan's coming baby, Bree sets her up on a date with Orson's college pal, Peter Hickey. Except that "college" equals "prison" and Peter is a surgeon who did his time for organ trafficking. "I tell you, this guy could steal my heart," coos Katherine, not realizing how literal that statement is.

Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister: Karen McCluskey's sister, Roberta, showed up, played delightfully by Lily Tomlin in an inside joke of sorts. "Housewives" creator Marc Cherry is supposedly a big fan of "The West Wing," on which Kathryn Jooster (Karen) played President Bartlet's first assistant, and Tomlin his second.

The two immediately start plotting against Creepy Dave, who spilled a few details to Edie that may offer hints to his vendetta against Mike. Dave told Edie that his brother, Steve, was killed in prison by another inmate who has since been released. "I have my own way of dealing with it," said Creepy Dave. Hey, who do we know on Wisteria Lane who's been in prison? Well, Orson, yes. And Mike, hmm, Mike ...

If it turns out that this is indeed why Dave is after Mike, it would shock a lot of "Housewives" viewers who believe that Dave is the widower and father of the woman and girl killed five years ago in the car accident that drove Susan and Mike apart, out for revenge for the loss of his family. It says something about Wisteria Lane that there are always several reasons why any random person could have it in for any particular street resident.

Best line: Karen McCluskey's sister, Roberta, after Karen describes Dave as "dangerous": "That's what you said about that biker in Florida, who now has to puree all his food."