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Desperate designers search for muses on 'Project Runway'

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The remaining designers were in search of a muse on "Project Runway All Stars."

Not to bum anyone out, but tonight's recap may be a little frayed around the edges (not unlike those Chanel jackets from a few years back) as my little dog Bacon, a rescue I've had since Denise Richards was married to Charlie Sheen, died unexpectedly earlier this evening following surgery. But fashion waits for no man or beast, so we will soldier on. R.I.P., little friend. 

This week's challenge? The designers must find a muse to inspire a fashion-forward look. They must find this muse in Central Park, which is kind of like looking for inspiration at the airport or a 24 Hour Fitness. But that's not the only challenge awaiting our intrepid designers! There's a twist! They must convince their muse to give them the clothes off their back, then create outfits using said clothes.

The budget of $150 can be used to bribe the muse, and whatever's leftover can be used at Mood. The designers groan. I also groan. I mean, come on! What exactly does this have to do with actual design? The toughest part of this challenge is, if you ask me, trying to get someone to give you a decent piece of clothing so you can hand them a white T-shirt in exchange. I think most people would see this as a pretty crappy deal, even if you're a fan of "Project Runway." 

While the designers run frantically around Central Park, Anthony notices that Mila has suddenly developed a personality. I'm sure she can be very charming when she wants something. Wasn't Cruela De Vil a charmer when she wanted all those puppy skins to make a fur coat? 

The designers are getting a lot of "no" no matter how sweet and manipulative they try to be, however. Jerrel gives a chick $20 for her shirt, which is a good deal given that everyone else seems to be offering $50. Eventually everyone in Central Park has been hassled and stripped (which is sort of like what it was like visiting Times Square in the '80s, I suppose) and it's off to Mood. 

While checking out, Kara runs out of money. Oh, no! She's screwed, right? No one's going to help her out this far into the competition, right? Actually, Anthony, Michael and Kenley all give her a buck. Mila thinks they're stupid. Of course she wouldn't help any of the other designers! Because none of them like her! 

Mondo points out this is basically how he got into design in the first place -- buying crappy clothes, ripping them up, then making cooler stuff. So, Mondo was kind of like Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink"! 

In the workroom, Michael is not inspired. He's working with his tablecloth/macrame potholder top and not knowing how to use it. I'd suggest DON'T USE IT! It's not a Woodstock retro challenge, Michael. 

Joanna time. Yay. Let's get some non-advice and therapist-speak from Joanna ("What do you think it looks like?"). Joanna wonders if this is a challenge Mondo could win. She feels anxious about Jerell's mix. Anthony, on the other hand, thinks Jerell's outfit looks like she's coming to America. I want Anthony to come back to the show someday and take Joanna's job. He may not always have great taste, but he's ALWAYS fun.

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