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Derek Hough blacks out after ‘Dancing’ fall

"Dancing With the Stars" dancer Derek Hough blacked out after taking a nasty tumble and hitting his head, according to his partner Brooke Burke, who wrote about the incident on her blog.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Yet another “Dancing With The Stars” injury has occurred on the set of the hit ABC show.

Just days after an injury bounced Misty May-Treanor to the sidelines of the competition, dancer Derek Hough blacked out after taking a nasty tumble and hitting his head, a rep for Hough confirmed to Access Hollywood.

“At Saturday’s rehearsal, Derek was walking backwards and tripped over something on the floor. He was knocked out for a brief moment and was taken to the hospital as a precaution to make sure he was OK,” a rep for the dancer said in a statement. “After test results showed that he was fine, Derek was released and was sent home to rest. He will be ready to go for tonight’s show.”

Derek’s partner Brooke Burke recounted his injury on her blog.

“It has been an intense weekend, especially yesterday when Derek and I almost found ourselves out of the competition,” Burke wrote of her partner.

“Saturday, on the CBS stage, we were practicing as usual when Derek accidentally tripped over a box, while walking backwards,” she continued. “As he tried to break his fall, by jumping up, his foot caught a stage light which sent him further into the air. He landed on his back on the wooden dance floor and smashed the back of his head. He was disoriented, blacked out for a few seconds, and was flattened out in pain. He couldn’t move, I sat beside him as he layed (sic) there and we waited for help to arrive.”

Burke said Hough’s injury was quite a fright after last season, where he pulled a muscle in his neck.

“Our producers called 911 and the paramedics arrived to carefully examine him. He suffered a neck injury last season which had him down for a week, so the reoccurrence was definitely scary. They rushed him off, stretcher and all, in the ambulance for further testing in the ER,” she wrote.

Even as Hough was being taken away, his mind was still on the competition, according to Burke.

“He was talking about today’s rehearsals and assured me that he would be ok to dance. That was the last thing on my mind. I wanted him to be okay,” Burke wrote.

Luckily, Hough received good news at the hospital, according to Burke.

“After a cat scan and many other tests, he received a clean bill of health and we were back at it today as scheduled. With a huge headache, and a little dizziness, the show goes on,” Burke added.