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Denise Richards bounces back with rocker

Has the former Mrs. Sheen hooked up with the former Mr. Locklear?
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Has Charlie Sheen’s ex hooked up with Heather Locklear’s ex?

Denise Richards was spotted getting quite cozy with rocker Richie Sambora over the weekend, according to Star magazine. The two were “kissing passionately” on the patio of a restaurant and again in front of the restaurant

Richards and Sheen are going through a very nasty divorce; she filed papers on Friday claiming he threatened to kill her and was abusive toward their daughters; he has vehemently denied the charges. Locklear and Sambora, however, have been spotted being friendly since they split.

Spelling troubleTori Spelling’s latest ad campaign isn’t sitting too well with some Los Angeles merchants.

People promoting her TV series Notorious have been plastering stickers on sidewalks in front to chic L.A. shops that read “Tori was here, and she tripped. So NoTorious.”

“It’s supposed to evoke her character’s ditzy personality, but instead, it’s provoking anger,” a source tells the Scoop. “They take forever to scrape off the sidewalk. Some people are saying they’re going to send her father [mega wealthy producer Aaron Spelling] the bill for having it cleaned up.”

Notes from all overMatt Dillon says he’s still single because of his fame. “Sometimes it’s tough because women think, ‘Oh, he’s used to getting what he wants.’ You get a little bit of that resistance toward you because you bring all this other stuff with you,” the “Crash” star told Details magazine. “There’s a lot of fish in the sea. Hopefully, you’re only going to marry one girl. I want to make sure it’s a relationship that works for everybody involved.” When asked about what really happened between him and Cameron Diaz, Dillon replied obliquely: “No one did anything dishonorable. We don’t go bowling anymore together but we are still on good terms.” Do they talk about Justin Timberlake? “No, it’s not like that,” Dillon replied. “She does her thing.” ... Professional gamblers are betting that “American Idol” hopeful Paris Bennett will be the next to go. has placed 1/1 odds that Bennett is the next to get the ax on the reality show. Elliott Yamin is favored to win ... Kelsey Grammer is mulling a life in politics. “It’s a notion I have about the future to run for office, to do the world some good,” the “Frasier” star told Maxim. “The opposition would hope [my past] would harm me, but my frankness and openness about it would probably benefit me.” Grammer has been open about his past struggles with cocaine, booze and strippers. When asked about fellow actor Gary Busey’s bout with coke, Grammer defended Busey’s reported decision to snort off a dog. “Well, you snort cocaine off a dog because you spilled it on him,” Grammer explained. “You don’t do it intentionally.”

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