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Demi Moore reveals the reason why there's carpet in her bathroom

Her wall-to-wall carpeted bathroom has inspired a lot of Instagram comments.
/ Source: TODAY

Demi Moore recently revealed that she’s been using her bathroom as an office, and while many people were fans of her creative workspace, others had questions about her wall-to-wall shag carpeting.

But the carpeting has “never bothered” her, the actor, 57, said in a virtual interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” — calling in, naturally, from her bathroom.

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She added that ex-husband Bruce Willis was actually the one who picked out the carpeting for the bathroom in their Idaho home, where they raised their children.

“That originally was a Bruce Willis choice, not to put it off on him,” Moore told Meyers, speaking against the backdrop of her bathroom’s stone fireplace.

She may not have picked it out, but Moore said she's a fan of the carpeting, pointing out that it's helpful when living in the Idaho mountains, “where it gets very cold.”

“It's never bothered me," she said. "It’s actually quite good. We put rugs in our bathroom.”

The mother of three also explained why she's been working in her bathroom in the first place. Apparently, the bathroom had the best acoustics for recording her new podcast, “Dirty Diana.”

“We were doing this podcast … and we had to find the place for the best sound,” she said. “So I did a test in my closet, I did in various places. What came back is that the bathroom had the best sound.”

The actor added that she is “most disappointed” that while everybody on Instagram was focused on the carpeting, nobody noticed that she was sitting on a miniature couch. The tiny sofa once belonged to her children, and she moved it temporarily into the bathroom to record her podcast because she couldn’t fit full-size furniture in the room.

Moore says this giant tennis ball is one of many "eccentricities" in her house.
Moore says this giant tennis ball is one of many "eccentricities" in her house.Late Night with Seth Meyers

In general, Moore seemed bemused by the fascination with her bathroom and all its quirky decorative accents, which also include a giant safety pin and tennis ball.

“I appreciate the interest that has gone into all of my little oddities because this place definitely houses a lot of my treasures,” she said. “I have had some big laughs over the comments with my family.”