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Demi Moore talks motherhood, ‘Mr. Brooks’

“I think it is by far one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have,” Demi says of giving birth.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Nancy O’Dell’s pregnancy may have kept her from attending Cannes this year, but the good news? She got to talk motherhood with Demi Moore earlier today.

“I leave for maternity leave on Wednesday, you’ve got to give me some advice,” Nancy asked Demi.

“I think it is by far one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have,” Demi tells our host.

She should know. Demi is a mother of three and she even gave Nancy some birthing advice.

“Did you do an epidural,” Nancy asks.

“I did nothing,” Demi replies. “I did all of mine naturally and I left in two to three hours. I don’t think doing it without drugs is for everybody so no pressure there.”

After learning how easily Demi’s gone through the birthing process, Nancy turns to the question everyone wants to know.

“You want a boy,” Nancy asks. “You and Ashton might try for a boy?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Demi reveals. “I wouldn’t mind a little balance, you know balancing out that estrogen.”

For now, Demi has her hands full with her new thriller “Mr. Brooks” about a man who’s addicted to killing. Speaking of addiction, Demi let Nancy in on one that she and her husband Ashton share — for Mexican train dominoes.

“It goes up to double 12s instead of double six and it takes about three hours to play,” Demi explains. “I’m not joking when I say we’re addicted like two to three times a week.”

“Well you gotta find time in between to you know, have a little action in other ways,” Nancy suggests.

“Maybe we should have some side bets just to you know, encourage side bets of sexual favors,” Demi laughs.