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'Deliberate' weight gain angers 'Loser' trainer

After two weeks in the shadows, the mystery trainers revealed their true identities. Too bad that much-hyped moment took a backseat to Tuesday night’s unfortunate weigh-in-gone-wrong.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

After two weeks in the shadows, “The Biggest Loser’s” mystery trainers stepped into the light and revealed their true identities. Too bad that much-hyped ta-da moment took a backseat to Tuesday night’s unfortunate weigh-in-gone-wrong.

Well, given that “The Biggest Loser” can’t seem to keep a big secret quiet, the fact that Team Unknowns has been training under martial artist Brett Hoebel and Golden Gloves boxing champ Cara Castronova might not have come as much of a surprise to viewers anyway.

But even those fans who were shocked to learn the Unknowns were being trained by those particular, er, unknowns likely found the episode’s other reveal more of a jaw-dropper.

Hints of what was to come were first murmured midgame when twin team Dan and Don confessed that if one of them had to go, it would be Dan due to his homesickness. It’s not hard to understand why. Dan’s son died at the age of 24, and he now finds it hard to be away from his wife and daughter. Then again, just last week when given a chance to speak to them, he said, “I’m going to do this right. I may not be home for a few months, OK? I will do this. I promise.”

What a difference a week makes.

Bob and Jillian sensed Dan’s lack of commitment, but the brothers assured they weren’t trying to send Dan home. The pair just decided that if they fell below the yellow line anyway, Dan would go.

As it happened, the pair fell way below the yellow line. They didn’t have a slightly off week. They didn’t blow it by gaining a pound or two. The guys gained 9 pounds each.

“You don’t gain 9 pounds on the ‘Biggest Loser’ ranch,” a frustrated Bob explained after the weigh-in. “You just don’t. It was deliberate — obviously. And all I could think of were those thousands of people that wanted to be on this show. I was so offended.”

Still, the twins just shook their heads and acted amazed by their identical gains. Somehow, after losing 24 and 29 pounds respectively over the course of the previous two weeks, Dan and Don just didn’t expect that big turnaround on the scales. Allegedly.

Once the shock of it all passed, the pair parted ways as Dan got his wish and his ticket home.

Ree Hines would just like to see a player actually admit to throwing a weigh-in. Just one “Oh, yeah, I totally water-loaded before stepping on the scales” would do nicely. Follow on Twitter and share your “Loser” dream.