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Decisive Marcia Fudge press conference moment goes viral: 'That's Black auntie energy'

Viewers got a kick out of how Marcia Fudge, the newly appointed Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, greeted the media.
/ Source: TODAY

Marcia Fudge is here to teach the media some manners —and a slew of young new fans on Twitter are loving her "Black auntie energy."

The newly appointed Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched her first press conference on Thursday by greeting reporters with a pleasant "Good morning."

But after Fudge's opening was met with silence, she couldn't hide her disapproval.

Fudge put her finger to her ear to signify that she heard not one response.

Then, as if summoning all our fourth-grade English teachers, America's favorite new etiquette expert shook her head from side to side in reproach. You could almost hear the "Tsk, tsk" in her mind.

"Good afternoon," she repeated, giving reporters one more chance to get their acts together.

Image: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge delivers remarks during a press briefing at the White House in Washington
Marcia Fudge's new fans on Twitter got a kick out of how she reproached ill-mannered reporters at a White House press conference on Thursday.Carlos Barria / Reuters

And suddenly a room full of shamed White House correspondents could be heard breaking into laughter as they greeted Fudge with embarrassed pleasantries of their own.

"Oh, thank you," Fudge responded with a chuckle. "I was wondering if I was in this room by myself."

Fudge's new fans on Twitter loved the hilarious — and teachable — moment.

"She got the press TOGETHER in less than 12 seconds! That’s black auntie energy," marveled one.

"That 2nd good afternoon had them shook," joked another.

"When I speak to you, you had better answer me," commented another new fan, possibly quoting a family member.

"Black auntie energy indeed!!! I love to see it. She. Does. Not. Play," another wrote.

Some new fans went so far as to check Fudge's bio to see if she had any elementary school teaching stints on her resume. A graduate of Ohio State University, Fudge earned a law degree from Cleveland State University Cleveland–Marshall College of Law.

The former Ohio Congress member officially joined the Biden administration earlier this month after the senate confirmed her nomination from last December.

Though her official HUD responsibilities involve implementing national policy and programs that address America's housing needs, Fudge is clearly also doing double duty as Secretary of P's and Q's.

And now, after yesterday's presser, we're betting the next time Fudge greets reporters from a podium, they will be quick to greet her back.