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Decathlon champ says Phelps isn’t the best

Bryan Clay says that though Michael Phelps may be the world's best swimmer, he's not well-rounded enough to be considered the world's best athlete.
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Bringing eight gold medals back from Beijing proves Michael Phelps rules the pool, but fellow gold medalist Bryan Clay doesn’t think the swimmer has what it takes to be called the world’s greatest athlete. As far as the decathlete is concerned, that honor is his alone.

“When you’re talking about the best athlete in the world, I think it needs to be somebody that’s well rounded, that can do everything well,” Bryan told OK! magazine. “I think that’s me at this point.”

While Bryan’s only earned one Olympic gold, compared to Michael’s career total of 14, he’ll only give the golden boy credit for “probably” being the top swimmer ever. “I just don’t think you can call him the world’s greatest athlete,” Bryan said.

In addition to his own accolades, the decathlon champ is getting one post-Olympic honor Michael won’t receive. In the battle of the cereal boxes, the swimmer chose Frosted Flakes, but Bryan’s set to appear on the Wheaties box.

“Having your picture on the Wheaties box is something all athletes strive for,” Bryan said in a quote of his Web site. “It’s a mark of distinction that says you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career. This is a very special honor for me.”

Roseanne revisits her Brangelina bashLooking back on all that hubbub about calling Brad Pitt “vacuous” and referring to his and Angelina Jolie’s children as “dunces,” Roseanne Barr feels her intended message was lost in translation, and now she’s blogging again — complete with caps lock rage — to set the record straight.

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“Filtering out the gossip media’s take on what I said about Angelina and Brad,” her post began, “this is what I really said: NO DECENT HUMAN WHO STANDS IN SUPPORT OF HELPING THE WORLD’S ORPHANS AND DOWNTRODDEN CAN POSSIBLY HELP TO CONTINUE BUSH’S WAR AGAINST THE POOR!!!”

Following that revised take on her original message, the comedienne questioned why Brad and Angie choose to raise their brood abroad, wondering if it’s a moral decision, or “are they keeping more of their money and not paying US taxes?”

Ashlee’s already worried about baby bulgeThough she and husband Pete Wentz aren’t expecting their bundle of joy to arrive until October, Ashlee Simpson is already worried about the post-baby bulge. The National Enquirer reports the younger Simpson sibling’s made an early investment in “thinspiration” clothes to help her lose the weight.

“Ashlee broke down in tears at a doctor’s appointment in early August when she found out she’s gained more weight than is considered in the healthy range,” a source revealed. “She went straight to the Planet Blue shop in Los Angeles and bought six pairs of size zero jeans. She can’t wear them now, but she hopes it will give her the incentive to watch what she eats.”

Dish on the flyLooks like the queen of pop has had her fill of rumors, reveals and tell-alls this year. According to the Daily Mirror, Madonna and legal eagles are hard at work trying to halt the release of racy love letters she sent to an ex-boyfriend in the ’90. The notes, which are part of an exhibit called “Simply Madonna,” are said to reveal the singer’s not-so-surprising taste for kinky connections. “Lawyers sent a warning,” said a source. “(Madonna) hopes it will work.” … Rihanna’s still not willing to give a straight answer when it comes to her maybe-romance with Chris Brown, but an insider tells Star magazine, the two are not only together, they’re looking to shack up. “She and Chris want to live together,” the source said. Apparently they’ve been in the market for a happy home since July, but Rihanna and Chris just haven’t found what they’re looking for. “They play their music loud,” the source added. “So they want a condo that’s soundproof.”

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