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Debbie Rowe won’t trade kids for $4 million

Her lawyer says a new report that she plans to relinquish parental rights to her children with Michael Jackson in exchange for $4 million from the Jackson family just isn't true.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

A lawyer for Debbie Rowe is denying a new report that she plans to relinquish parental rights to her children with Michael Jackson in exchange for $4 million from the Jackson family.

The New York Post claimed on Tuesday that Rowe was agreeing to forfeit her parental rights to Prince Michael, 12, and Paris Michael Katherine, 11, to the children’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, in exchange for the hefty sum.

According to a source who spoke to the paper, “This would be it. This takes away any rights she has to challenge custody at any given time.”

However, an attorney for Rowe told Access Hollywood that the New York Post story is “completely false.”

On Tuesday, Access obtained a letter from Rowe’s attorneys to the paper, demanding the Post issue “an immediate retraction” of their story.

In their letter, Rowe’s lawyers claim the Post story is bolstered with “blatant falsehoods” and was “concocted with reckless disregard for the truth.”

They claim no agreement has been reached between Rowe and the Jackson family, that she has no intention to give “up her parental rights” and no decision has been reached related to custody or visitation.

Additionally Rowe’s lawyers claim in the letter that she “has not accepted — and will not accept — any additional financial consideration beyond the spousal support she and Michael Jackson” agreed upon years ago.

When contacted by Access for comment, a rep for the NY Post said they stand by their story.

Additionally, Radar Online reported an attorney for Katherine Jackson also claimed, “The reports are false.”

It was unclear at press time if Rowe planned to seek custody of her children.

Earlier this month, she told KNBC’s Los Angeles reporter Chuck Henry that she planned to pursue custody of her kids. Hours later, however, a lawyer for Rowe said she had made no final decision on whether she would seek custody.

Rowe has been involved in court proceedings related to the guardianship of her children. The courts confirmed on July 10 that Rowe and Katherine Jackson had both requested a postponement of a hearing that was set to happen on July 13 concerning the temporary guardianship of Prince Michael and Paris Jackson. The hearing has been moved to July 20.

In related news, a paparazzo was arrested outside Rowe’s ranch in Palmdale, Calif., yesterday.

Rowe called authorities around 4 p.m. on Monday.

According to a police spokesperson, one photographer was detained for standing on top of an SUV while it was moving, in order to take a picture. He was arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant, but later released.

The other paparazzo who was driving the vehicle was unlicensed, authorities said. He was given a citation and his vehicle was impounded.

Photographers have been a constant presence outside Rowe’s ranch since Jackson's death on June 25.