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Death becomes art on ‘CSI’

This week's victims are found posed as statues all around Las Vegas. And new CSI Riley Adams joins the team.
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Still life: Four victims were all posed like statues: A nurse clutching a cell phone, a runner resting on a park bench, a businessman hailing a cab and an elderly couple bird watching. The CSIs discovered that the victims had been posed and asphyxiated in a chamber filled with carbon monoxide. The man behind the crime was frustrated artist Arthur Blisterman, who had entered a municipal contest to create bronze statues for the city, but had decided to use real bodies instead. When the CSIs realized there was still one potential victim out there — a boy who was to be posed on his bicycle — Grissom interrogated Blisterman trying to find out the truth. When Grissom told him he’d be facing the death penalty, he simply said, “I’m not scared of dying. I just don’t want to be forgotten.”

CSIs to the rescue: The team did manage to track down and save the boy by locating a warehouse that had been used to store burlap (fibers had been found on all the bodies). The boy was already posed and in the chamber, but new CSI, Riley Adams, managed to revive him.

Fresh blood: The daughter of two psychiatrists, Riley Adams is a level two CSI who has veneers on a couple of her teeth, can spot pharmaceutical-grade marijuana on sight and has a wry sense of humor that will hopefully fit in well on the team.

Speaking of new blood: Grief counselor Patricia Alwick (“E.R.’s” Alex Kingston) also came on board to do some grief counseling for the team about Warrick’s death. Greg went to see her, as did Hodges. Grissom was more reluctant.

Dog days: Grissom realized he was off his game when he missed a step while performing a lab test. He told Patricia he was worried that his dog Hank was listless because he was picking up on Grissom’s emotions. He told her, “I’ve just been a little distracted lately. I’m having a hard time focusing on the details.” And when she said that was normal, he replied, “Not for me.” Patricia warned him that he needed to talk about his grief.

Best guest star ever: The most entertaining scenes of the night featured Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”) talking down to Brass as artist Jerzy Skaggs. Skaggs painted people who looked dead. “You would weep if you knew how much I make doing that,” he told Brass. Later when Brass told him one of the victims had attended a party at Skaggs’ loft, Skaggs said he couldn’t possibly remember everyone from his parties. “Many like yourself, who are nobody at all” attended, he said. He also asked Brass to pose nude for him, which Brass wisely turned down.