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Dax Shepard appears to pull pin from his broken arm in video

The actor, whose arm has been in a cast, appears to handle the "procedure" on his own — with some guidance from his doctor.
/ Source: TODAY

Actor and podcast host Dax Shepard has many talents … and apparently, removing the pin from his own broken arm is one of them.

Shepard’s wife, “The Good Place” actress Kristen Bell, posted a video to her Instagram on Friday afternoon of the "procedure."

(Warning: This video may be graphic to some readers.)

“We're on day ‘I can do my own surgery’ of quarantine,” she captioned the post.

Shepard appears to be on the phone with his doctor as he pulls the pin from his arm, which is in a cast.

“Oh yep, that feels weird,” he said as he pulled the metal out and his wife and daughters gasped in the background.

After the procedure, Shepard informed his doctor the pin was out and "there’s no blood spurting anywhere."

“I’m coming for your job, doctor,” he joked. “I’m going to add pin removal to my résumé.”

“Am I the worst patient you’ve ever had?” he asked.

Naturally, people were a little horrified by the video.

Bell’s fellow “The Good Place” star Darcy Carden commented, “HOLY S--- DAX.”

“I’m gagging so hard. And my bones feel like they’re imploding and exploding at the same time so...” Jackie Tohn, who stars in “Glow,” wrote.

Other commenters used this as an opportunity to poke fun at the ruggedness of it all.

“My husband once stitched his own toe up under a tree in the backyard with suture and lidocaine from the vets office. And we were not in quarantine. It’s amazing their sex survived,” @casscochran72 replied.

It’s unclear how Shepard broke his arm in the first place, but we're hoping his arm is OK!