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David Schwimmer settles Ross and Rachel's 'We were on a break' debate once and for all

Where does he stand on the argument? Let's just say Ross would be pleased.
Were they on a break?! David Schwimmer shared where he stands on the issue.NBC
/ Source: TODAY

More than two decades after it all went down, David Schwimmer is sounding off about the most debated storyline in "Friends" history.

While appearing on Monday night’s episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the actor gave his take on whether his character, Ross, and Jennifer Aniston's Rachel were indeed on a break.

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It began when Schwimmer, who stars in the new Peacock comedy series "Intelligence," told Fallon about what "Friends" references people bring up to him the most.

“Obviously, there’s gonna be those people who feel compelled to yell ‘Pivot’ or ‘You were on a break,’” he said. “You know, people are so passionately divided about whether or not they were on a break.”

Fallon pointed out that people take sides on the issue, so he asked Schwimmer if they were really on a break.

“Yeah, it’s not even a question. They were on a break,” he said definitively, sending Fallon into a fit of laughter.

"We were on a break," of course, is a running gag on the show since its third season when the couple have an argument over a one-night affair Ross had. In the episode, Ross maintains that they were broken up, but Rachel believes he cheated because they were actually "on a break."

The popular and divisive storyline endured for the duration of the series' run, and fans can only hope it will be a talking point when the show's stars get together for the planned HBO Max reunion that had been delayed due to the coronavirus.

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