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/ Source: TODAY
By Erin Clements

David Schwimmer and James Corden faced off for a heated rap battle Thursday night, which was anything but "Friend"-ly.

The "Late Late Show" host, who sparred with Anne Hathaway in a similar segment earlier this week, is the first to get the insults flowing in the video.

"Millennials, let me introduce you to this guy. His name is David; he was famous in '95," Corden begins.

​Naturally, "Friends" references abound, as do jabs at Schwimmer's recent role as Robert Kardashian in "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story."

"Not famous ever again; he was a Kardashian on TV, but that was only for pretend," Corden continues. "You were so white, you should've probably played the Bronco."

And it only gets worse from there.

"Now you've got the chance to prove you've got balls while I ignore you like Jennifer Aniston does your calls," Corden raps, eliciting loud cheers and laughs from the audience.

Schwimmer's fierce response to the British host nearly makes us wish Ross Geller had been a character in "8 Mile."

"You must be a masochist, you want to battle me," Schwimmer tells Corden. "This won't end well, mate, it's not 'Love Actually.'"

"What's the matter, no one told you life was gonna be this way?" Corden teases Schwimmer. "Unlike this crowd, I'll be there for you."

Schwimmer also draws from an arsenal of "Friends" quips: "I worked with a monkey who had more skills than you." (Remember Ross' pet Marcel?)

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And finally, a third contender enters the ring: Rebel Wilson, who has plenty of taunts for both men.

"David, your career was a huge mistake; it's like Ross and Rachel — it's on a break," the "Pitch Perfect" star mocks. "I'm your biggest fan ... when I was 8."

Wilson then disses Corden: "You speak English, but you can't even rap. Your rhymes are nonexistent like my inner-thigh gap."

We can only hope Schwimmer returns for Corden's "Carpool Karaoke."