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David Letterman tussles with Justin Bieber over teen's tattoo

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"Late Show" host David Letterman let Justin Bieber know just what he thought of his new tattoo on Thursday night's show.

Thursday night turned out to be a tough one for teen idol Justin Bieber when an appearance on "Late Show With David Letterman" went from all fun to a little physical.

Shortly before Bieber's visit, he decided to mark the release of his new album, "Believe," by marking his skin with a new tattoo. Letterman, who's no fan of body art, wasn't impressed.

"Oh, God! How many do you have?" the host asked.

"I have … just a couple," the mellow teen responded.

The answer didn't satisfy Letterman, who then took a more parental approach.

"Well, tell me that's the last one," he urged.

Bieber hedged, and after a bit more back and forth, Letterman lunged.

Yes, while still grumbling about the ink ("Get that off!"), the veteran late-night talker suddenly grabbed Bieber by the arm and started rubbing the offending tat.

Whether out of pain or frustration, Bieber cried out and struggled away, shouting, "This is brand new!" He then shrugged off Letterman and implied he was out of touch. "Grandpas!"

Once the quick tussle was over, Letterman asked Bieber for a commitment to at least slow down with the body art and to just consider how many people choose to cover their arms in "murals -- like the Sistine Chapel."

Bieber assured him "I'm not going for the Sixteenth Chapel."

OK then!

Meanwhile, the Bieber bashing wasn't over. On "Late Night," host Jimmy Fallon challenged the young "Boyfriend" singer to a series of competitions (and a hefty dose of smack talk). See the Jimmy-vs.-Justin battle below.

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