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David Letterman on Lindsay Debacle: "I Have No One to Blame but Myself" (Wink-Wink)

Of all the stupid human tricks David Letterman had to fall for!
/ Source: E!online

Of all the stupid human tricks David Letterman had to fall for!

On last night's Late Show, the funnyman took time to elaborate on the embarrassing fiasco that saw him extend an invitation for Lindsay Lohan to deliver a Top Ten List only for the troubled actress to turn around and tweet that she would not being doing so.

So what really went down?

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"Last week I did a thing on the Grammys with a Top Ten list and there was a Lindsay Lohan joke about her stealing a Grammy Award," Letterman explained to his audience, referring to the criminal charges filed against Lohan last week for stealing some jewelry. "The next day I get a call and it's a guy who says Lindsay thought the joke was hilarious...she wants to be on your show. So I said, 'Great!' "

That guy, as it turned out, was LiLo's dad, Michael, who confessed he was the one to pitch Dave's staff the idea, but he insisted he did so only after he ran it by his daughter. And despite Lohan's denial, saying she was "not sure how this happened" but was "sorry for the confusion," her father suggested Lindsay "knew full well" he was calling on her behalf.

In any case, a gullible Letterman said that after getting word Lohan was aboard, he asked the Late Show's publicist to issue a press release about the starlet reading the Top Ten via satellite, which had been slated for tonight's show.

"Are you kidding me? This is gonna be fantastic," Letterman deadpanned. "This is gonna be like the Super Bowl."

Little did Dave realize he was the one being suckered.

"So it turns out we were duped and I have no one to blame but myself," he said. "And by the way, now I need to apologize to the Lindsay Lohan family. I hope I didn't embarrass you, Lindsay, and your family."

Considering the family, we're certain Dave will have plenty more opportunities to embarrass them in the future.

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