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David Duchovny on Californication Season-Five Pickup--And How Long His Backside Will Hold Up

This just in: Showtime's Californication will live on for season five!
/ Source: E!online

This just in: Showtime's Californication will live on for season five!

So how long will it go beyond that?

I just spoke to David Duchovny exclusively moments ago about the good pick-up news, and he revealed how long he sees himself staying on the series, and his one (very funny) reservation...

"I'd like to go six seasons," David says of Californication's fate. "I always thought six would be a good number ...72 episodes would be right."

That said, he's willing to do more--assuming Showtime can foot the bill. "I'd be open because the schedule is so wonderful for me," he told me. "It's only a 13 week schedule. It's like shooting a little movie for me. And I love working with the people. We all have a good time. I could continue on...I just say six years because in cable I think it becomes economically not feasible for them to go beyond because they're going to have to pay me so much money."

You gotta love the guys' candor, especially when asked how long he thinks his body might hold up for the sexy series--given his recent bare-buns scene in the season opener, and countless sex scenes throughout each season.

"That's probably why I should stop after six years!" he says with a laugh. "I don't know if I can hold up my backside for that long!"

Congrats, Team Californication!