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David Cook tells his fans to back off

He warns fans he won't be as accessible if they don't stop harassing him.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“American Idol’s” reigning champ has sent a message to fans trying to get a little too close to the singer and the message is loud and clear: back off!

David Cook hit his MySpace blog on Sunday to offer a plea to overzealous fans in a post titled “Attention!”

“First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the shows since my last post. The vibe at these shows has been amazing. Secondly, I have to address some behavior that has become disturbing,” Cook wrote. “We pride ourselves on being accessible to you as fans, but in contrast, we do enjoy what little privacy we can muster. To that end, the efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, etc., is something I have to condemn.”

The season seven “Idol” champ warned that if the unruly behavior should continue, the rest of his fans may suffer.

“This relationship only works when it remains healthy for both parties, and should this behavior continue, the only thing we can do is take more preventative measures to maintain our privacy, which in turn makes us less accessible to you,” he added.

Cook is currently on the road in his first post-“Idol” headlining tour, “The Declaration Tour,” which kicked off Feb. 13 in Tallahassee, Fla.

His hometown show in Kansas City, Missouri, scheduled for April 22, sold out in just six minutes.