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David Beckham's Pimped Ride Ready to Roll Right into Your Driveway

Ladies and selected gentlemen, start your engines.
/ Source: E!online

Ladies and selected gentlemen, start your engines.

The chance to plant your posterior in the same spot once graced by David Beckham's own fine specimen is now yours--all for the low, low price of $153,000 and steadily rising.

You know what that means: You could go from zero to sexy in one click of your mouse. Here's the deal...

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After two years, $50,000 in customizations and just 6,774 miles driven, Becks has decided he's had enough of his matte black 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo, and the vehicle has been placed for sale on eBay.

Beckham originally paid $100,000 for the car before the pimping commenced: In addition to the new paint job, the soccer stud also installed three-piece rims and Techart exhaust pipes, and emblazoned his L.A. Galaxy number--23--pretty much everywhere there was room. The number is featured on the front hood, deck lids, rims, steering wheel, and is also embroidered on the front and rear seats and floor mats. And we won't bore you with the specs, but rest assured the sound system is state of the art.

Oh, and it goes from zero to 60 in 4 seconds.

The auction ends Jan. 12, and it looks like Becks will already get back what he put into the vehicle: As of this morning, the high bid is over $150,000.

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