'Dateline' investigates ... Ellen? See Keith Morrison's hilarious report

The veteran correspondent takes a closer look at a subject you'd least expect to see in the true-crime spotlight.
by Ree Hines / / Source: TODAY
Keith Morrison Investigates Ellen DeGeneres

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When "Dateline" correspondent Keith Morrison looks into the camera and tells viewers about the person at the heart of his latest investigation, they know a tale of intrigue, deceit and danger is right around the corner.

Well, usually.

On Thursday, when the man with the instantly recognizable voice tackled a topic called "Dateline: DeGeneres," things were more deadpan than deadly.

"Hollywood, California, home of fast cars and movie stars and a woman who knew her way around both — Ellen DeGeneres," he said in a clip the talk show host played for her audience.

What followed was a deep dig into the true story of a very minor traffic infraction, and it's definitely worth watching.

And just this once, viewers can ignore the standard "Dateline" tagline that dictates "Don't watch alone" — that is, unless they really want to share the laughs.

Morrison has an all-new "Dateline" Friday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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