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Daniel Radcliffe lacks magic with the ladies

Danielle Radcliff may play a wizard in the “Harry Potter” movies, but when it comes to women, he doesn’t have any magic tricks.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Danielle Radcliffe may play a wizard in the “Harry Potter” movies, but when it comes to women, he doesn’t have any magic tricks.

“Look at them until they notice you and hope for the best,” Radcliffe told Entertainment Weekly of his courting rituals.

In fact, Radcliffe, 19, said he is only coming to terms with the dating process.

“I never had any idea how to talk to girls until a year or so ago,” Radcliffe said. “I still come out with trivial crap when I’m flirting, but I like to think I’m doing it in a faintly endearing way.”

And it’s not just “Potter’s” Radcliffe who is experimenting with relationships. On screen, while the sixth installment of the “Potter” franchise, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” features flashbacks with the origin of the villainous Voldemort, it finds Ron and Hermione experimenting with their romantic sides.

The film features a love triangle between Ron (Rupert Grint), Hermione (Emma Watson) and newcomer Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave, in her film debut) and Ron shares a smooch with Lavender to make Hermione jealous.

Ron and Hermione won’t get together until “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows,” the two-film final installment of the franchise, which is due out in 2010 and 2011. Though fans may be waiting with bated breath, Grint, for one, isn’t looking forward to it.

“The whole kiss between Ron and Hermione will be quite uncomfortable,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “Emma’s like a sister to me. It’s going to be like, really, really weird.”

But Hermione and Ron won’t be the only actors steaming up the screen. The final film will also feature a scene of Potter, sans clothing.

“At first I thought I had pants on. Apparently not,” Radcliffe said.

Having doffed his trousers onstage for the London West End version of “Equus,” which is heading to Broadway shortly, doing so on screen shouldn’t be much trouble.

“It’s all old hat now, really,” he said

It’ll be even older by the time the films are released. Warner Brothers has pushed “Half-Blood Prince” back to July 17, 2009, from its announced Nov. 21, 2008 release date.