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Daniel Craig responds to his ‘SNL’ meme about the weekend

The James Bond actor thinks it's "amazing" that he has become a meme letting everyone know that the weekend is here.

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Craig finally knows about his role in getting everyone's weekend started.

The James Bond actor, who is not on social media, found out in an interview with The New York Times that a clip from his "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig in March 2020 has become a popular meme letting people know the weekend is here.

Craig introduces Canadian pop star the Weeknd with a shrug and a half-hearted gesture where his arms barely move from his sides, saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Weeknd."

It's the weary look of those who made it through the week but can't summon the energy to be fired up about the weekend just yet.

The popular Twitter account @CraigWeekend grabbed the moment, changing "Weeknd" to "weekend," and now tweets it out every Friday between 3:45 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. PST to more than 450,000 followers waiting to know when the weekend can officially begin.

This is all news to Craig.

"They do? It’s amazing," he told New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff. "I don’t know what that is, but thank you. That’s lovely. I suppose I’d have to have social media to know what that was all about."

Even the Weeknd himself has gotten in on it, tweeting, "ladies and gentlemen, the ... " on Friday, May 28.

The Twitter account is run by 18-year-old Miles Riehle and has become a bright spot for many during the tension of the pandemic.

"Given how much stress there was going on in the world, for a lot of people it was extra potent, being able to embrace the weekend and get excited for it,” Riehle told The New York Times earlier this month.

Craig is now hoping to give people something to do on the weekend by watching his newest Bond film, "No Time to Die," in which he puts on the suit and cufflinks one last time in his fifth and final movie as the British secret agent.