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'Dancing With the Stars' pro: The judges 'are very irresponsible this year'

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The judges of "Dancing With the Stars" -- Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy’s sexy surfer flamenco wowed the "Dancing With the Stars" audience Monday night, but it also earned critical remarks and low scores (25.5) from the judges. Chmerkovskiy voiced his displeasure on air, calling the score “unfair.”

He elaborated on his feelings to reporters in the post-show press line.

“I feel not betrayed, but not singled out either,” he said. “I’m cool with the judges. They have a very difficult job to do, but I think they need a little bit more consistency in their word.”

The semifinalist believes the judges’ words have a big impact on how viewers votes, therefore they should be more careful with what they say.

“I think (the judges) are very irresponsible this year with some of their comments and their inconsistent scoring and their comparing," Chmerkovskiy explained. "I feel sometimes we’re in a different competition.”

Sp the couple will have to rely on their fan base  -- which is comprised of both Monaco’s "General Hospital" followers and "Dancing" devotees who’ve become enthralled by the duo’s undeniable chemistry -- to get them to the finals.

“Our fans are incredible,” Chmerkovskiy said. “That’s the positive light that comes out of this season.”

“They are everything,” Monaco raved of their supporters. “If you add it up we’re probably the lowest scoring couple, and we haven’t been in jeopardy. We haven’t scored a 10 yet, and we’re still in the competition.”

Monaco’s not disagreeing with the judges on their feedback with their flamenco, but she said, her and Chmerkovskiy’s rumba, which earned 28.5, is another story. “I feel that I went out there and did a really clean, solid rumba. The choreography that Val gave me was on a technical (level) that was above and beyond my expectations.”

Of course, there's a chance fans won't remember the scores or the judges’ comments, but rather they’ll recall both the kiss Chmerkovskiy planted on Monaco after their rumba ... and his flamenco Speedo.

“The kiss was planned,” revealed Monaco.

How many times did they rehearse it? “Endless,” chuckled Chmerkovskiy.

As for the Speedo, pro Karina Smirnoff, joked, “(Val) made it look good. I just want to know if there were any 'add ons.'”

 “Karina has seen everything,” Chmerkovskiy deadpanned. “She knows I don’t need any enhancements.”

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