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'Dancing With the Stars' pro Derek Hough's sister to judge ballroom bash

Julianne Hough will soon have to judge her brother Derek Hough and the rest of the competitors on "Dancing With the Stars."

It's not unusual for "Dancing With Stars" and the U.K. show it's based on, "Strictly Come Dancing," to air during the same season. Judges Len Goodman and Bruno Toniloi are veterans when it comes to taking the transatlantic trip for their duties on both shows. 

But this fall, Goodman has decided to cut back on the back-and-forth flights and take a brief "Dancing With the Stars" break.

That leaves an opening on the panel, and on Monday night's episode of the ballroom bash, it was revealed that former show pro Julianne Hough will fill the position for at least one episode.

On Oct. 7, the two-time "Dancing" champ will take over the paddles for the head judge and score the dancers herself — all of the dancers, including brother Derek Hough.

Fair? That remains to be seen, but some of the pros have weighed in on the not-yet-controversy.

"She's just as, if not more knowledgeable, than what's going on over there (on the panel)," Mark Ballas told Entertainment Weekly after Monday night's performances. "She'll be honest, whether you're family, a friend or whatever to her. She's gonna keep it real."

Of course, Ballas, who lived with both Hough siblings when they were growing up and who's competed professionally with her as his partner, has the benefit of being both friend and practically family.

And what about brother Derek? Well, he doesn't think she'll be impartial at all. But he also doesn't think that will be to his benefit.

"She's gonna destroy (me and partner Amber Riley)," he told EW. "She's going to be like, "Hey, remember that time when you pulled my hair when we were kids? Four!'"

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