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Dancing With the Stars Finale: Who'll Take Home That Mirror-Ball Trophy?

My, what a journey it's been. But alas, the Dancing With the Stars finale is (finally) upon us.
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My, what a journey it's been. But alas, the Dancing With the Stars finale is (finally) upon us.

So who's going to win it all? Will it be fan fave Jennifer Grey, Disney stud Kyle Massey or Lady Luck Bristol Palin? Let's break it down, shall we?

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The Shoo-In: We've said it before, and we'll say it again--Jennifer Grey should win Dancing With the Stars. Hands down. She's 50 years old, rockin' a seriously hot bod and has been dominating the show since week one. Plus, unlike those before her ( la Nicole Scherzinger, Apolo Ohno and Kristi Yamaguchi), Jennifer isn't a dancer or athlete, but rather an actress who happens to turn out a mean mambo. To be completely cheesy and clich, Baby has proven once again that she will not be put in a corner!

The Tween Prince: Kyle Massey is sweet and adorable (and a total ham), and all of those qualities work in his favor on DWTS. He's also a megawatt Disney star who has shown tons of improvement and winning-worthy moves on the dance floor. Plus, since we've seen the power of the tweeny-bopper vote on other reality-competition series (American Idol's David Archuleta and Tim Urban), we're actually inclined to believe that Kyle could pull out the win on Tuesday's season finale.

The Underdog: Ah, Bristol the Pistol. What can we say other than the self-proclaimed anti-starlet has made it this far--why wouldn't she win it all? Whether it's a Tea Party conspiracy or her all-American appeal, Bristol Palin has been the surprise of the season. After struggling to loosen up in the beginning, she has actually bettered her dance moves and by and large become an equal-opportunity competitor. Does her skill match that of Jennifer or Kyle (or even recent eliminees Brandy, Rick Fox and Kurt Warner)? Nope, but the Dancing fans have spoken and Bristol is beloved. (Seriously, millions of you are voting for her each week!)

So who's your pick? Will the most talented take home top prize, or will the seemingly fan faves win it all? Let us know below:


Be sure to come back Tuesday for your a.m. and p.m. doses of backstage scoop from the DWTS two-night finale.

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