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Dancing With the Stars Elimination Is a Damn Shame

Tonight was the first time this season that it was truly sad to see anyone go on Dancing With the Stars.
/ Source: E!online

Tonight was the first time this season that it was truly sad to see anyone go on Dancing With the Stars.

The nine contestants who performed last night all have offered something, be it talent, showmanship, backstage candor or pure aesthetics. But of course, one of them had to go ( no silly saves on DWTS!) and, from this point on, the eliminations are going to leave a mark.

And, once again, we're not sure what the Muggles, er, voters were thinking...

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It was Sugar Ray Leonard who lost by decision on Tuesday.

The boxing champion was eliminated despite earning his personal-best marks from the judges and, with that, one of the show's most magnetic showmen has been put out into the Dancing pasture.

"I put up a good fight," Sugar Ray said in thanks, "and I will cherish this moment--great friends, great people, great show."

"It's been so much fun," added his partner, Anna Trebunskaya.

On the shady side of crazy, meanwhile, Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas were forced to sweat it out "in jeopardy" until the end, despite finishing in first place with their Harry Potter waltz and scoring tonight's encore performance.

"This girl is a potential to make the final," judge Len Goodman insisted, though he was the one who took the pair down a peg for their out-there choreography.

And while that doesn't necessarily mean they scored the second-fewest votes, it does mean they weren't way up there, like Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio, so...

Tips, anyone, of how Chelsea can make even more of a splash than she did last night? (BTW, memo to everyone: Start scoring 10s!)

Though Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett said she was in a bad place after last night's timid and flawed waltz, she got plenty of love from the voters despite ending up in last place for the first time. Whatever she thinks, Kendra obviously has fans who have faith that she can dance in every style. We hope she rewards them accordingly.

The fans also duly rewarded Kirstie Alley for being one hell of a trooper. She's yet to match her premiere-night score, but what with the fall and last night's footwear fumble, Kirstie still needs that chance to make good on her early promise.

Also free to compete another day are Romeo and Chris Jericho, both potential finals material.

(Originally published April 12, 2011, at 7:10 p.m. PT)

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