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'Dancing' pro calls judge 'absurdly disrespectful'

"Dancing With the Stars" pro  Maksim Chmerkovskiy is annoyed that judge Carrie Ann Inaba tried spanking him last night after she criticized his tough teaching methods.
/ Source: E! Online

"Dancing With the Stars' " Maksim Chmerkovskiy is pissed that judge Carrie Ann Inaba tried spanking him last night after she criticized his tough teaching methods.

"It's an absurdly disrespectful thing for her to even think of doing," the pro hoofer told us earlier today. "Is she crazy? She's not my mother."

And that's not the only thing that has Chmerkovskiy upset. Read on to find out why this season of DWTS has Brandy's dancing partner so down and out ...

Were you surprised that Len and Carrie Ann were so hard on you about your teaching technique?

There's no reason to comment on my teaching methods. Their job is to assess a celebrity's dancing at that moment. I just feel the judges take it upon themselves to judge way more than they are supposed to—and it's a shame. But it is what it is. I feel like it takes away from what the show is and Brandy's experience. It's about her. My teaching methods have nothing to do with our samba yesterday. I thought that Brandy did an incredible job.

Are you really as hard on Brandy as the video made it appear?

Nobody feels disrespected, nobody feels mistreated, and certainly I'm not an abusive person.

What did you think of Audrina Patridge getting the first 9s of the season?

I thought Audrina and Tony did a wonderful dance. It was perfectly portrayed for story week. It was something exactly what the week needed and I thought the subject was amazing.

What dance are you and Brandy working on for next week?

We have to do the rumba. We've got a beautiful, beautiful song. [But] I'm not going to lie to you—I'm a little discouraged about this season. Brandy's actually inspiring me to stay focused and stay motivated. I'm discouraged because there's absolutely no consistency. I don't understand how the scores are being done. I don't understand why some couples are being kept on the show. I mean, there were other couples yesterday that literally put their heart and soul into it and did a much better job than they got scored. I just feel it's a little bit unreasonable. Some people get praised for minimal and certain people get put down while having put out a lot more than others. Something's off.