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'Dancing' judge thinks Bristol might be in the finals

Michael Caulfield / Getty Images / Today
Bristol Palin may have the last laugh on "Dancing." Judge Carrie Ann Inaba thinks the teen mom could go to the finals.

Bristol Palin is definitely not the best dancer on "Dancing With the Stars." Not by a long shot. Yet, she's outlasted performers with more skill and has made it to next week's semifinals. If she's advanced this far, what's to stop her from winning the coveted mirror ball trophy?

Sure, last week's eliminated celeb, Kurt Warner, thinks the finals will be Bristol-free, but he doesn't know the show as well as judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

Turns out a lot of people ask her why there isn't a version of "DWTS" for regular folks, and their desire to be on the show could help the "teen activist."

"Bristol Palin is somebody that I think most of Middle American and regular people can relate to," Inaba told People. "She's a regular girl with normal problems and normal issues, and I think a lot of people look at her and see themselves. They're truly truly living vicariously through her. And their way to show support is to vote for her."

And boy, are people voting! Despite being unable to dance in time to the music and forgetting steps -- offenses that have resulted in elimination in the past -- Palin keeps beating out the celebs who were improving and putting together great performances.

"She might be in our finals!" Inaba predicted. "That's what's great about our show. It's not only what the judges think. It's America's show."

Watch Inaba's full interview on People.com.

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