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‘Dancing’ judge Inaba shocked by Grier's rant

Carrie Ann Inaba revealed that David Alen Grier’s profanity-laced comments about her critiques of his “Dancing” performances threw her for a loop.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Carrie Ann Inaba has admitted she was “shocked” that David Alan Grier bashed her following his elimination last week on “Dancing With the Stars.”

During a phone interview with Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show” on Wednesday morning, Inaba revealed that Grier’s profanity-laced comments about her critiques of his “Dancing” performances threw her for a loop.

“Yes, I was shocked actually,” Inaba told Bush. “I think for David, it was a little bit of misdirected anger. You’re very vulnerable on this show and I think his sort of burst was a bit outrageous and I think his use of language was completely unnecessary.”

Last week, following his “Dancing” dismissal, Grier lashed out at the judges, singling out Inaba, whom he previously worked with when she was a Fly Girl and he was a star of “In Living Color.”

“There’s several people that can kiss my a**, but she’s definitely the first in line…” he previously told Access. “To stand up week after week and be humiliated by people who have no right to talk to me [like that]… I am proudest that I didn’t climb across that table and slap the s*** out of every one of those judges and that’s my proudest accomplishment.”

Inaba kept fairly silent following Grier’s raunchy rant last week, but on Wednesday she told Bush that Grier’s words were unbecoming.

“People in the media have a responsibility to sort of set a path for the people that are watching and I think he set a poor example for people,” she told Bush.

While she didn’t agree with his choice of language, Inaba said she could understand where the actor/comedian was coming from.

“I do understand because these stars come on our show — I mean he’s a very well respected actor. He’s a very talented comedian,” she noted. “It’s hard not to just cross over horizontally and be as good as you are in ballroom dancing as you are in… your other skill.”

Since the incident the two haven’t spoken, but Inaba did catch Grier expressing his remorse via a late night chat show.

“Last night he was on… ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ and he apologized, but it was [an odd] apology. He said his manager made him apologize,” she recounted. “I think this was just a hard situation for him.”

And earlier today, Grier followed up his public apology with a private one.

“I did get an e-mail from him. He asked the producers for my e-mail address so he could e-mail me an apology and he said that things got out of line on the press line and he doesn’t know what came over him,” she noted. “He felt really bad for what he said and [wrote that] he still thought highly of me.

“I can respect anyone who apologizes,” she continued. “I honestly emphasize with these people. It is not easy to get on this show and accept criticisms. The key to doing it well is to not take it personally because we’re not criticizing the person, we’re criticizing the performance in hopes of giving them constructive comments [so] that they can get better.”