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'Dancing' injuries won't keep Chaz Bono down

It’s only week two on “Dancing With the Stars,” and already the ballroom is responsible for a couple of early injuries. The latest celebrity to add his name to the list of the bruised and battered hopefuls is Chaz Bono.

As Bono stated during last week’s rehearsal footage, his body was already feeling the pain associated with rigorous dance floor maneuvers. Now, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bono revealed he’s since had to seek medical attention for those aching knees and ankles.

“I saw three doctors yesterday,” he said, adding, “I’m feeling better this morning.”

That’s good news, especially considering that he’s expected to take the stage Monday night to perform the quickstep. Thanks to massage and new insoles, Bono doesn’t plan on letting his injuries keep him down. Still, he admits the upcoming dance will hold some challenges for his sore bones.

“It’s quick … and there's a lot of steps,” he laughed about the potential problem points. “I think the name says it all – quick and step.”

Beyond that, the author and transgender activist doesn’t anticipate any other woes affecting him on the show. When asked if he thought the controversy surrounding his participation would ever subside, a carefree Bono simply shot back, “That’s up to you guys.”

Do you think Bono’s injuries could hurt his quickstep performance? Will he get the chance to stay in the competition long enough to worry about other injuries? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. And don’t forget to join me and Anna Chan Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. ET for our weekly “Dancing” live chat to discuss just how well Bono and his fellow ballroom hopefuls performed.


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