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Is 'Dancing' finally kissing D-listers goodbye?

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"Jersey Shore's" The Situation competed on "DWTS" season 11, and Snooki is rumored to be in talks for season 13.

Seems the folks behind "Dancing With the Stars" may be hearing and heeding fan complaints about the lack of actual celebs on the show.

A "Dancing" insider confirmed to us that the show is actively trying to snag some bigger fish for season 13. However, there won't be any official announcement before the upcoming cast is revealed, the source pointed out, simply because the folks behind the show don't know if this will work out.

And while "Dancing" is aiming higher, the source hinted to us that it might be a stretch to consider anyone they do get an A-lister. "We're not talking George Clooney here," the source said.

TMZ first reported on "Dancing's" new goal Sunday, when sources with ties to the show told the website that producers have been ordered to obtain "more high profile" personalities and to skip the wannabes and has-beens.  And to make that happen, it sounds like the show is willing to bend over backward for bona-fide stars.

The sources told the website that the for-real celebrities would not have any rehearsal requirements and will be able to choose their music and costume designs. (That last item could cinch a few deals, if you ask us. Have you seen some of the outfits?! Here's a selection of some of the worst.)

So sure, real A-listers might still be too busy to spend a few weeks on "Dancing," but that does give fans at least a little hope. Perhaps instead of all those Dina Lohan rumors, we can look forward to LiLo herself? And maybe no Snooki in season 13 after all? (Sources told Us Weekly she's already in talks.) Guess we'll have to wait and see!

The new season premieres Sept. 19.

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