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'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller explains why she screams

Scott Gries / Lifetime / Today
Tough talking "Dance Moms" instructor Abby Lee Miller used to be even tougher.

Think "Dance Moms" instructor Abby Lee Miller is mean now? Well that's nothing, according to the controversial reality TV star.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Miller talked about her even meaner past, and explained what motivates her to lash out at the young dancers she works with now.

"My kids that are here in New York City, working professionally, think I should have done the show 25 years ago," she told the magazine, "when I was really mean."

As for the outbursts viewers see on her show today, Miller claims that milder rage is really just her way of making sure kids get the message.

“I want them to be better -- I want them to win," she insisted. “When I tell a child something the first time, I’m nice. The 15th time, I start to get aggravated."

And then?

"By the 30th time, they’re doing 100 push-ups and I’m screaming at them," Miller said, "and of course, that’s what they put on TV."

They do indeed.

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