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Dan Brown calls ex-wife's lawsuit alleging double life 'shocking and heartbreaking'

The “Da Vinci Code” author responds to ex-wife Blythe Brown’s claims in a new interview on the 3rd hour of TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

Earlier this summer, the ex-wife of “Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown filed a lawsuit against her former spouse of more than 20 years that included allegations that he led a double life during their marriage, one that included multiple affairs.

On Friday, Brown visited the 3rd hour of TODAY and revealed his reaction to that litigation and the “false claims” he says it contains.

“This lawsuit has been shocking and heartbreaking to be honest,” the 56-year-old said.

On June 29, Blythe Brown filed the suit in New Hampshire, claiming credit for inspiring some of the bestselling writer’s works, stating that he hid projects that were in the works and could be worth “millions” from her at the time of their split, including his first-ever children’s book, which he published this week, called “Wild Symphony.”

The suit also claims he participated in a number of extramarital affairs, all of which she said came to light after they divorced in 2019.

Author Dan Brown and then-wife Blythe Brown participate in the 30th Miami Book Fair International 2013 on Nov. 17, 2013.Vallery Jean / WireImage

“I have great respect for Blythe,” Dan Brown said on Friday. “She and I were terrific together — a great couple for many, many years — and through the course of a long marriage, as sometimes happens, we started drifting apart and had very separate lives.”

And while the legal move makes their break appear acrimonious, he insists it wasn’t always that way.

“A couple of years ago, very amicably, we decided to part ways,” he explained. “The fact that she would now, with her attorney, come back with a lawsuit filled with so many false claims is shocking and very upsetting.”

TODAY reached out to Blythe Brown for comment, and she said the following, in part: “After the divorce, I learned that Dan had gone to great lengths to lie and to betray me, which left me emotionally shattered… I am so disappointed in how Dan is distorting our history together… My lawsuit is about standing up for myself and setting the record straight."