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Dallas Reboot: "It's Not a Remake," Says New Mrs. Bobby Ewing

Brenda Strong is wandering away from Wisteria Lane for the Southfork Ranch in Texas.
/ Source: E!online

Brenda Strong is wandering away from Wisteria Lane for the Southfork Ranch in Texas.

The Desperate Housewives actress is saddling up to costar in the new Dallas reboot alongside fellow Housewives pals Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson and show veterans Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman.

But before the iconic soap hits the small screen once again, Strong wants to make one thing perfectly clear about the upcoming TNT series...

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"It's not a remake," Strong recently told us at the Gracie Awards in Beverly Hills. "Most people are thinking we're remaking it. It's a continuation, it's the new generation...It's nice because it's going to be invented in a very modern way."

Strong plays Ann Ewing, the new wife of Duffy's oil tycoon character Bobby Ewing, with Metcalfe playing her stepson.

"It's very surreal," says Strong, who's tells us she's been a fan of the show since her college days. "I'm talking to Sue Ellen [Linda Gray] and J.R. [Hagman] and I'm going, 'OK, pinch me. This is very strange."

As for working with the series alums, Strong gushed, "They were absolutely welcoming. They couldn't have been kinder, more humble, more hospitable. In those circumstances, you would expect that they would have the right to kind of have ownership and they were so generous and so inclusive."

Fingers-crossed that the new Dallas will include the signature drama of the '80s original. "I'm hoping that I end up in an evening gown in a pool at some point," Strong laughed. "I do get to tote a shotgun, so that already kind of got me off to a bang."

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