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'The Daily Show' discovers secret behind Savannah Guthrie's wedding, pregnancy

Just last week, TODAY's Savannah Guthrie shared her happy news with the world: She and Mike Feldman had tied the knot, and she was four months pregnant. But is that the whole story? Since then, "The Daily Show" did a little digging.

Correspondent Kristen Schaal thought something seemed suspicious after watching Guthrie's recent sit-down with "Princeton Mom" Susan Patton, author of "Marry Smart."  

"Men have a whole different playing field," Patton told Guthrie in a TODAY clip "The Daily Show" aired. "They can take their whole lives to get married and have children, but women just don't have that kind of time. ... You're not getting any younger. You have to get to this; you have to plan for it."

"OK, that was March 11th," Schaal told host Jon Stewart.

On March 17, Guthrie made her special announcement on TODAY, leading Schaal with only one conclusion.

"This book was such a wake-up call, Savannah Guthrie got married, lost her virginity and became four months pregnant in six days!" Schaal said as she held up a copy of "Marry Smart." "You go, girl!"

The TODAY gang watched the oh-so-telling "Daily Show" footage Friday morning.

"Now the truth can be told!" Savannah laughed.