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Dad plays matchmaker for Jessica Simpson?

‘I stay out of her romance’ says her dad about her relationship with Mayer
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Jessica Simpson is in love and today a lot of guys are wishing they were John Mayer.

He’s the new man in her life, but did her father play matchmaker?

We tried to ask Jess, but unfortunately she was giving everyone the silent treatment.

“I feel fine. I just got no voice so it makes me sad,” a croaky Jessica told Access Hollywood on Tuesday night at the Yahoo! roller skating party at the Roxy nightclub in New York to celebrate the release of her new album “A Public Affair.”

The paparazzi did all the screaming as the mini-dress clad Jessica posed for photos, signed autographs, and even held up a sign that said, “I lost my voice.”

“I have to go promote my record all week, so I’m going to try to rest as much as I can,” she told Access.

Inside the party, Jess didn’t let her lost voice slow her down as she boogied around the roller rink with hairstylist and friend Ken Paves.

Apparently that’s what pop stars call resting.

As for her new boyfriend, John Mayer, dad Joe Simpson was the one doing all the talking.

“I stay out of her romance,” Joe explained to Access. “It’s been a sad year and she’s been through some tough, tough times. As a father I wish joy for her.”

But will that joy come from Mayer?

The soulful pop singer — and notorious ladies man who was once linked to Jennifer Love Hewitt — is Jess’ new love shouts the cover of the new People magazine.

And People’s senior editor Julie Dam said the couple is trying to keep it on the down low.

“They’ve pretty much stayed at home. They barbecue. She started gardening, so he’s taken an interest in that and they stay home with Daisy the dog,” Julie said.

Jessica also hit MTV’s “TRL” on Tuesday, where she signed CDs and confirmed she would still be presenting at Thursday’s VMAs.

As far as whether Jess will still be singing on Friday’s “Today” show, papa Joe told Access that’s up to her doctor.

“If we’re healed enough to sing, we’ll sing. If not, we’ll push it to next week,” he added.