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‘Da Vinci Code’ author wants home fenced-in

Fears that publicity from lawsuit could lead to trespassers
/ Source: The Associated Press

Now that a copyright-infringement claim against his publisher , Dan Brown can get on with his private life — or at least, try to.

Brown, best-selling author of “The Da Vinci Code,” is working to put up a wrought-iron fence around his home to keep out uninvited guests. It would sit atop a 2-foot-high stone wall and rise up no more than 6 feet, according to a letter his attorney presented to Rye selectmen recently.

“It sits right out there,” Police Chief Alan Gould said of Brown’s home. “It’s a pretty open area.”

Gould said Brown was concerned that the heightened attention brought on by a lawsuit claiming he stole ideas from a nonfiction book might create security concerns and could possibly lead to trespassers approaching his home. A judge in London ruled Friday in Brown’s favor.

“We shared those concerns,” Gould said. “Whether it’s the paparazzi or someone who wants to pour goat’s blood on the steps or just someone who wants a picture, it’s our job to offer him and his family the same protection we would anyone else in town.”