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'D.U.I.' sneak peek: Pizza delivery guy gets busted for marijuana and more

TLC / Today
A pizza delivery guy gets busted on the next episode of "D.U.I."

If endless hours of watching true-crime TV shows have taught viewers anything, it's that suspects almost always lie about their illegal activities when confronted by law enforcement and camera crews. That's what makes a sneak peek for the return of TLC's "D.U.I." all the more interesting.

In it, Paul, a mild-mannered -- really mild-mannered -- pizza delivery guy who was pulled over for speeding through a residential neighborhood, makes no attempt to conceal his drug use. Well, at least not at first.

After an officer noticed Paul's collection of bumper stickers -- which included the classics "How's my driving? Call 1-800-EAT (expletive)" and "Drugs lead to nowhere, but it's the scenic route" -- the lawman wanted to know if Paul actually was on drugs. The man behind the wheel didn't flinch.

"Yeah, I'm not gonna lie," he said. "I smoke it."

"It" being marijuana.

"I smoked a pinch-hit at my house before I left for work," Paul offered up with no resistance.

His reason for the pre-work smoke out? "Um ... It's just stress and stuff," he said.

But Paul soon had more to stress about than his pizza route, as the officer discovered marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a gun in the delivery guy's SUV -- and of course a perfectly legal pizza too. That's when Paul dropped the open-book approach and stopped being so cooperative.

Yes, it seems despite all of his earlier admissions, Paul didn't want to have anything to do with the hard evidence. The drugs? That belonged to a friend, of course -- same for a marijuana-covered scale. And the pipe in his very own pocket? Well, he had no idea how that even got there.

"I thought it was my phone," he insisted. "It's not mine, honestly."

See how far those excuses get him when "D.U.I." returns to TLC for a new season of busts on June 28.

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