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Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis address rumors of fake 'SATC' reboot scenes

Stars of the reboot are trying their best to keep the series a surprise for fans and not spoil any plot secrets.
/ Source: TODAY

Did the stars of the "Sex and the City" reboot film fake scenes to prevent plot spoilers? It certainly seems like a possibility.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert this week, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, who play Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York, respectively, on the much-anticipated series, seemed to suggest that the rumors might be true.

When asked about the potential of fake scenes, Davis gave a definitive answer and said, "Yes, definitely" but Nixon had a different approach and said "Absolutely not."

"I believe you," Colbert told Davis.

"That's why I play Charlotte," she replied.

At this point, Nixon gave away a bit more and said, "It might be true."

"That's a yes and a maybe. (It's) true," Colbert suggested.

There's certainly been a lot of secrecy surrounding “And Just Like That…” and Davis said the cast and crew just want fans to enjoy it without hearing the whole plot ahead of time.

"We don't want them to read the CliffsNotes beforehand," Nixon added.

During an appearance on TODAY Tuesday, Davis revealed that she show does address Kim Cattrall's (aka Samantha) absence from the show, and Colbert couldn't help but push the actors to see if they'd offer any more details.

"We know that Samantha's fine, she's not dead in the series, right? She's just gone," he said.

"We will neither confirm nor deny," Nixon said.

Davis then joked about Nixon's character's profession, saying "She's not like a lawyer at all."

Colbert went on to offer up a few possible ideas for what happened to Samantha.

"So it's possible that she started dating a Cajun and was eaten by an alligator or something like that or dating a clown and was eaten by a lion," he said.

The actors seemed impressed with the creative ideas but didn't offer up anything concrete.

"Anything is possible. You will have to tune in to find out," Nixon said.

"Very soon you will find out," Davis added.

Colbert also asked the co-stars about the late Willie Garson, who played Stanford Blatch in the original series and died at the age of 57 in September. The actors revealed that he will appear in the first three episodes of the reboot and held hands as they told Colbert how they will remember their friend.

"Willie was a person who just lightened any situation that he was in and would have you in stitches within a minute of coming into a conversation," Nixon said. "He was a person with incredible stories, like show business stories and stories about his own zany life and his family that he comes from and the family that he created."

Davis, who was visibly holding back tears, called her former co-star a person who was "full of joy" and "so incredibly brilliant and smart."