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Cut! Jennifer Aniston the latest actress to lop off locks

Jennifer Aniston will never not be famous for her hair, even when there's less of it. The actress is sporting a new, chin-length bob, and has an explanation for why she she lopped of a good portion of her blonde locks. 

Aniston revealed in an interview with Elle U.K. that it wasn't exactly a voluntary decision to turn her long blonde locks into a bob on Oct. 30. "It wasn't for a role," she explained. "My hair went through a phase — I did this thing called a Brazilian (keratin treatment) and my hair did not react really well to it."

So, she said, she "just cut all my hair off" and now "it's about two inches above my shoulders." She walked out with the haircut on Nov. 4 in Los Angeles, sparking all kinds of discussion about the new 'do. 

But whether she planned the cut or not, Aniston joins other celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Kristen Chenoweth, both of whom have gone much shorter in recent weeks. It looks like the woman whose "Friends"-era haircut gave us "The Rachel" is now, as Elle puts it, sporting the "Rebel cut."

"She's a beautiful, beautiful woman and even with short hair she's going to look adorable," said TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford while discussing the cut on Wednesday.