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Custom-made Armani wedding for TomKat?

Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get married at Giorgio Armani’s Italian villa?

Reports that TomKat is getting hitched have been shot down, but now the buzz is that on Nov. 18 they’ll wed at the Italian villa of the fashion wizard — who’s also designing the bride and groom’s wedding clothes. The Contra Costa (Calif.) Times speculated about the possibility, and now several sources tell The Scoop that they hear that’s the case.

Other insiders, however, caution that Cruise’s camp might be floating the rumors to keep the prying press away from the real ceremony. A spokesman for Armani didn’t return calls, and Cruise’s rep, while confirming that the couple will get married in Italy, says he doesn’t know the exact location.

If the wedding will be a Scientology ceremony — as has been reported — any feminists in attendance might be a tad miffed. The vows for Scientology’s wedding ceremony refer to the groom only as a “man” while the bride is sometimes called a “girl,” notes the Web site, Secrets of Scientology. And some of the notions of marriage seem a bit retro. Quoting from the book “The Background Ministry, Ceremonies & Sermons of the Scientology Religion,” the site reports that the minister asks the bride: “And do you take/His fortune/At its prime and ebb/And seek/With him best fortune/For us all?/Do you?” The minister then tells the groom: “Now, (groom's name),/girls need clothes/And food and/Tender happiness and frills/A pan, a comb,/perhaps a cat/All caprice if you will/But still/They need them./Do you then/Provide?/Do you?”

Taking her son home?Will Anna Nicole Smith have to dig up her son’s body?

The former reality show star recently buried her first-born, Daniel, in the Bahamas, where she has established residency — allegedly to avoid a U.S. paternity test on her newborn daughter. Now that it’s been revealed that Smith doesn’t actually own her house in the Bahamas and that her , a source tells The Scoop that she’s faced with the possibility that she’s going to have to exhume his body.

“She waited as long as she did to bury him [39 days after her son died] because she was trying to figure out if she could get his body into the U.S.,” says a source. “Now that she might get booted out, the word is she’s going to take her son’s body with her.”

Notes from all overTim Burton says he was “devastated” when filming stopped on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” — reportedly because star Jim Carrey demanded script changes that would have driven the budget way up. “I like Jim (Carrey) very much, I think he's really talented and stuff,” Burton told AintItCool.com. “I just... You know, when you work something for almost a year and that happens, it gets, it's pretty devastating. So, I'm taking a step back from it for a minute.” ... Paris Hilton bought a dozen couture pet carriers for her beloved pooch, Tinkerbell, from Petote.com, according to a source. The Bali line she bought retails for $500, and she bought them all in purple. ... Pamela Anderson also loves animals — and her pet turtle in the forthcoming “Blonde and Blonder” is a fake. The staunch animal rights activist insisted that a robotic turtle was used so as not to exploit or hurt a live critter.  “No real turtles are being used in this movie,” she notes. “No animals at all. It's an animal-friendly set. That battle was won.”

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