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Cthulhu takes out Justin Bieber on 'South Park'

Comedy Central's "South Park" is rarely kind to celebrities, and Wednesday night was no different as Coon and Friends, led by Mysterion (aka Kenny), battled to stop the evil Coon and Friend (Cartman and Cthulhu) from destroying the world.

The unlucky star this time? Teen sensation Justin Bieber. Under Cartman's orders, Cthulhu picked the "Baby" crooner right off the stage (while he was performing some rather un-PG moves) and popped his head as if it were a zit before destroying all his fans. Check it out:


But the singer and his fans weren't the only victims of the chubby hater or his monster from another dimension. The pair also took out the "dirty hippies" at Burning Man and destroyed Whole Foods.

What do you think? Was "South Park's" treatment of Justin Bieber on par with other celebs the show has skewered?

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