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‘CSI’ returns: Alas, poor Warrick

After Warrick dies on the scene, the CSIs work round the clock to find the killer and then take some time to say goodbye.
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When we left off last season: Undersheriff McKeen caught up to Warrick in his car and told him that he could keep his badge. Then to be sure that Warrick wouldn't continue his Gedda investigation, McKeen shot him twice in the chest. Though Warrick seemed doomed, viewers still hoped he would pull through.

This week: Warrick died in Grissom’s arms.

McKeen quickly got the team on the wrong man’s trail, implying that Gedda’s killer, Officer Pritchard, had killed Warrick. But as they investigated, the team discovered a hole in McKeen’s story —namely, that he couldn’t have heard the gunshots that killed Warrick — and he became the prime suspect. It all led to a showdown between Nick and McKeen, with McKeen trying to bait Nick into killing him. Nick didn’t and Brass arrested McKeen for Warrick’s murder.

Sob-worthy scenes: When Catherine broke down at the crime scene; when Hodges collected Grissom’s blood-soaked clothes.

Welcome back: Grissom’s one comfort was the return of Sara, who offered to make arrangements for Warrick’s funeral (and also sported a spiffy new haircut). Sara and Greg went to Warrick’s apartment and discovered that not only did he have a son, but that he was trying to gain custody of the boy.

Heartbreaking moment of the week (among many): The look on Grissom’s face as watched a DVD that showed Warrick testifying to try and gain custody of his son. Warrick spoke of a man who taught him “how to be fair, how to forgive, how to be inspired, and how to inspire others.”

Saying goodbye: In the final scene, Grissom gave the eulogy at Warrick’s funeral. He started in his normal logic-infused cadence, but finally broke down and in a tear-choked voice just said, “I’m going to miss him so much.”

This would never happen in the real world: Grissom and the team allowed to investigate Warrick’s murder. Conflict of interest, anyone?

Loose ends: Why introduce Warrick’s son and the custody issue when Warrick is dead? Will this have something to do with the reason Grissom ultimately leaves the Las Vegas crime lab?

Far-flung theory: Would Grissom and Sara adopt Warrick’s son?