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Cryer on 'Men' return: He'll be a love guru to Kutcher

Just call him Doctor Love!

As “Two and A Half Men” continues production on its first season without Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), Jon Cryer has revealed that his character, Alan Harper, is about to start dishing out romantic advice to newcomer Ashton Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt — really.

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“There’s obviously big change in the dynamic with Ashton, in terms of what that creates in my character. I can only say my character ends up being the more romantically experienced one of the two of them,” Cryer told Entertainment Weekly. “Alan becomes sort of a mentor character to Ashton’s character ... I’m a terrible mentor. And that’s where a lot of the fun of the show comes from.”

In the new interview, Cryer shared new details about the retooled “Men,” which moved on with Kutcher after the very public exit of Sheen earlier this year.

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It had been widely reported that Sheen’s character would die in the first episode back, followed by a lavish funeral, and Cryer explained how Alan and his son, Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones), end up living in his late brother’s house, with internet billionaire Walter.

“All of us on the set keep referring to the first episode back as the ‘pilot’ by mistake. (Showrunner) Chuck (Lorre) and I were standing around joking about trying to pitch this show and how ridiculous it would sound to a development executive: ‘The guy’s been divorced and his brother just passed away, but he meets this billionaire with a broken heart and…’ It’s like, I would never buy that show,” Cryer said, “But it’s working amazingly well.”

While Sheen is gone, references to Charlie Harper will be peppered throughout the season, Cryer seemed to suggest.

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“It’s not, ‘Oh, that character’s gone, let’s forget completely about him,’” Cryer said. “There will be ramifications all through the season. We’re not taking this into a new universe where the first show didn’t exist.”

“Two and A Half Men” returns to CBS on September 19 at 9/8 C.