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Cruise keeping mum on details of split with Kidman

Actor says her decision not to join Scientology not a factor in breakup
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It’s been more than four years since Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman went their separate ways. Yet people are still fascinated by their relationship.

What went wrong? Could it have been saved? Tom tries to clear up some of the mystery in Part III of his exclusive interview with Billy Bush.

Is or was Nicole ever a Scientologist?

“No,” said Tom, who also denied that was one of the reasons for their split.

“I definitely respect other people's beliefs and however they want to live,” he said. “There are tools she has used in her life, absolutely.”

Two years before the split, Nicole gave an interview to Newsweek in which she said, “Monogamy is not a natural way of being.”

Tom was asked about the statement and indicated he disagreed with her. “I believe in monogamy. I want and I love relationships. I believe in the family unit. It is important, the family unit. Look at where the family unit has gone. It’s disintegrated.”

Tom and Nicole will always keep what went wrong private.

But often, when there are problems in a marriage, couples go to counseling. As a Scientologist, Tom rejects traditional psychiatry.

“Look, psychiatry doesn't work,” said Tom. “When you talk about psychiatry, when you look at it….”

He also rejects traditional marriage counseling. “Look, you talk about marriage counseling. They say, “Hey, promiscuity is a part of marriage. It’s okay.' You have this whole thing going out there. There is marriage counseling in Scientology that we apply that actually helps to put people back in communication with one another.”

The conversation turned to Tom and Nicole’s children. He was asked why he adopted.

“Nic and I wanted to, ya know? We wanted to. I tell you, someone said to me — where was I ? — ‘When are you gonna have your own children? Do you think you will have your own?’ And I said, ‘I have my children. You don’t get it.’ There is no way. And I tell ya, when I held my daughter — we adopted Bella first — as much as I realized that level of reality and affinity and love that I had for my mother, there is nothing like when you hold your own child and you go, ‘Oh, my gosh! Wow!’ ”

But unlike their mother, the children are Scientologists.

“With my children, like anything I believe, it is their choice in what they want to do. And they are Scientologists.”

Is Nicole fine with that?

“Oh, yeah. Absolutely,” said Tom. “Absolutely. Nic and I are very much … I think we are doing a great job raising our children. Right from the beginning, the thing that I do admire about Nic is … it is the respect of someone else's beliefs. She is not a bigot. Nic is not a bigot.”