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Cruise on Holmes: ‘She's magnificent’

Actor says he's in love, can't hide his happiness
/ Source: Access Hollywood

In a candid, exclusive interview with “Access Hollywood's" Billy Bush, superstar Tom Cruise, usually tight-lipped about the details of his love life, opens up about his relationship with actress Katie Holmes and declares his love for her. The interview airs on "Access Hollywood" Monday, May 23.

"I love this woman," said Cruise. "She's magnificent."

When Bush asked the star why he appears to be less inhibited about showing his affection towards Holmes in public than in his past relationships, the actor flashed his trademark smile and replied, "I've got to tell you something, I'm not going to hide it. I am so happy and I am not going to pretend or hide it or be shy. This woman is magnificent. I'm having the best time, Billy, and I'm really, really happy and I can't contain it. I'm not going to pretend."

Cruise added that he and the "Batman Begins" star share a lot of common interests and hobbies. "We go scuba diving together," he said. "She likes all the stuff that I love to do, she's funny and smart. I was looking at her (like), 'man you are so cool.'"

In regards to how his new girlfriend first caught his eye, the actor said, "I've always seen how talented she was. I've seen her in films and I've seen "Dawson's Creek." I've seen her work and you go, 'Man, that girl is really talented.'"