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'The Crown' actors reveal how they play Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin discussed the unique traits they noticed about the former royal couple.
Princess Diana and Prince Charles are portrayed by actors Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor in the fourth season of "The Crown" on Netflix.
Princess Diana and Prince Charles are portrayed by actors Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor in the fourth season of "The Crown" on Netflix.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

The fourth season of "The Crown"is set to be released in just over a week and the young actors who play Prince Charles and Princess Diana are opening up about how they get into character.

In a recent appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," Emma Corrin, 24, who plays the late princess of Wales, and Josh O'Connor, 30, who portrays the prince of Wales, sat down with the talk show host in a socially distanced set and revealed the mannerisms they emulated as they brought these world-famous royal figures to life on the hit series.

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Norton asked the British actors what "shortcuts" they used while playing the royals.

O'Connor responded that although he didn't spend too much time trying to copy the prince, there was a physical mannerism he picked up on.

"There's one thing I noticed. Every time he got out of a car — he still does it now — he checks his cuff link, checks his cuff link, checks his pocket square, and then waves," said the actor. As he detailed the prince's habit, O'Connor demonstrated each action taken.

"So every time he goes to a public event, or anything, it's cuff link, cuff link, pocket square, wave."

Norton noted that the 71-year-old prince tends to speak in a very distinct way and that it must have been hard not to simply do an impression of him.

"I think so much of 'The Crown' is doing that sort of work but it's finding little things that make people feel safe in the knowledge that you're not doing some random performance. You feel like you recognize something of Charles.

"So with Charles, for instance, he does a thing with his voice where he sort of speaks like this, everything's like, through teeth," O'Connor mimicked. "Actually, Emma's amazing at it," he says, laughing at his co-star's interpretation.

"We have competitions who can do the better Charles and Diana and I'm rubbish at Diana but she's very good at Charles," he said.

Norton then asks Corrin, who bears a striking resemblance to Princess Diana, especially when wearing a near-replica of her famous wedding dress, what she tried to do while playing the complicated, reluctant royal.

"Diana, for her voice, everything sort of goes down at the end," Corrin explained. "Her pattern of speech. My word to get into her is always, 'alright,'" she demonstrated, adding a special inflection to her tone.

"Everything she says sort of goes down at the end. It's almost like even if she had the best time ever, it'll always sound a little bit sad," she said with her voice trailing off.

O'Connor then tried his hand at Diana's voice, saying "Alright," with a tilt of his head to the audience's laughter.

Season four of "The Crown" is scheduled for a Nov. 15 release on Netflix on Nov. 15 and viewers should expect the show to address topics such as Princess Diana's struggle with bulimia, which she was open about during her lifetime, and Charles and Diana's tour of Australia in 1983.

While Corrin portrays Diana in this forthcoming season, another actor, Elizabeth Debicki, is set to portray Lady Di in seasons 5 and 6 of the show.