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Craig thinks Obama would make a good 007

Brit Daniel Craig may not be able to vote in the American presidential election, but he’s already decided which candidate — Barack Obama or John McCain — would make a better Bond.

“Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them,” Craig told Parade magazine in an issue that hits newspapers on Sunday. “McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M (James Bond’s boss).”

“There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain,” Craig added.

Craig, who is the lone man on the planet currently in Bond’s shoes, heads up the latest franchise installment, “Quantum of Solace,” opening Nov. 14. And in his sharp suits on screen and off, Craig is regularly pegged as one of the sexiest men alive, even if the actor can’t always relate to the tag.

“If people want to think of me that way, that’s great,” Craig said. “But the truth is I don’t have a connection with that image.”

One image Craig understands completely, however, is the one fans gawked at from “Casino Royale,” when he, as Bond, emerged from the sea in a light-blue Speedo.

“I was being objectified, but actually that’s not a bad thing to feel,” he told the magazine. “I knew exactly what was going on when I did that shot. There’s a conscious decision to everything I do. For me to say, ‘Oh, God! I didn’t realize that would happen!’ sounds incredibly naïve. I look at that picture, and my only thought now is that I certainly don’t look like that anymore.”

But fear not Bond fans, Craig didn’t lose his physique for the latest franchise installment at all.

“For ‘Quantum of Solace,’ I made a decision that I wanted to get bigger and get muscles, because Bond is older and has probably been training,” he said.