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Craig Morgan is a country singer, not a celeb

Country music stars are probably better representatives of middle America than any other musicians — at least that’s how Craig Morgan sees it.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Country music stars are probably better representatives of middle America than any other musicians — at least that’s how Craig Morgan sees it.

The country star says that his peers represent Americans best because they remain in touch with their audience and live the same lifestyles. It’s hard to argue with Morgan on that point — he’s former military man who’s married with five kids.

The 44-year-old doesn’t appear wrapped up in the celebrity lifestyle, and perhaps that’s why his fans relate to his music, which touches on everyday struggles and successes in life. He provides another slice of American life on his new CD, “That’s Why.”

AP: Tell me about the new album.

Morgan: There are 10 songs on the project. I wrote or co-wrote many of them as I have in the past. It’s basically a continuation of music I’ve done in the past, I just feel that we did it better.

AP: What’s your structure for writing a song?

Morgan: It varies. Depends on the mood that I’m in how I write. Sometimes I have an idea that I might start writing the lyric before I sit down with the guitar and try to put a melody to that lyric. Sometimes I hear a melody in my head and I might try to remember that little melody and put a lyric with it. But almost all of the time when I sit down to physically write the song, I’m doing both at the same time, trying to create the melody and the lyric at the same time.

AP: Take through the process of writing the first single “Love Remembers”?

Morgan: I was actually on the bus, and my co-writer, Phil O’Donnell, who I produce with, called me. He was on a tractor baling hay and said he had an idea (for a song) called “Love Remembers.” And I said “Man, I think that’s huge.” We finished the song one night after a concert and stayed up until about three or four o’clock in the morning.

AP: Tell me about your military service?

Morgan: I was on active duty in the Army for almost 11 years ... and then I stayed in the reserves right up until 2004. More than a third of my life was spent in the Army, in the military. And I say it all the time, it was training for the music industry.

AP: What’s it like to leave Nashville for the Army and one day come back to not only play the Grand Ole Opry, but become a member of it?

Morgan: To play the Grand Ole Opry in any aspect is huge. To be a country music singer and be invited to play the Grand Ole Opry is an extreme honor. I firmly believe that being a member of the Grand Ole Opry is one of the greatest honors that could ever be bestowed upon a country singer, short of the Country Music Hall of Fame. And I’m not sure it isn’t as great as the Hall of Fame, so it’s hard to even put it into words.”

AP: Being both a soldier and a musician, is there a place for politics in the entertainment industry?

Morgan: Every individual in this country is entitled to their political opinion, without a doubt, regardless of what your occupation is. I think as entertainers it’s real important that we be careful how we utilize our platform to progress or support a politician.

AP: Country music stars seem to lean to the right when it comes to politics. Do you feel that’s beginning to change?

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AP: If you weren’t a singer, what would you be doing?

Morgan: Probably law enforcement. That’s what my education is in. I have a great deal of respect for law enforcement and the struggles they deal with and how important they are in our society.