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Cowell expects fireworks if 'X Factor' bombs

Considering Simon Cowell’s track record when it comes to talent show triumphs on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s hard to imagine anyone anticipating a failure from the former “American Idol” fixture and man behind the “Got Talent” and “X Factor” franchises.

But according to Cowell, he has his share of critics who would love nothing more than to see him stumble with the launch of his latest version of “The X Factor.”

In an interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer Wednesday, Cowell talked about that schadenfreude crowd, as well as what he believes will ensure the show’s success.

“It's literally like going on a rollercoaster,” Cowell said of the pressure he feels leading up to the program’s premiere. “You know it's gonna be quite rough, but you're gonna have a good time. There are so many people, you know, dying for you to fail.”

And, evidently, ready to celebrate just such an event.

“You will see the most ginormous fireworks displays in L.A. if this show bombs,” he said.

Not that the producer and TV talent judge expects that to happen. After all, his other shows, such as “Britain’s Got Talent,” have taught him what’s important -- such as keeping an open mind and an audience at the ready.

“I remember, for instance, when Susan Boyle came in to audition,” he reflected. “Now I'm not going to say I knew there was a gap in the market for a 43-year-old spinster who lives with her cat, because there probably wasn't a gap. I remember looking out of the corner of my eyes, thinking, 'Oh God, she's gonna sing.' And I wasn't in the mood. It all changed, at that moment.  So as much as you can be record minded about it, you've also got to be open minded. That's part of the reason why we have an audience with us on the road (for 'X Factor').

As for Cowell’s critics, they might be waiting to see that formula fail, but he hopes they’ll tune in all the same.

“Well, personally, I don't think it will (fail),” he said. “But as I always say, watch the show and make your own mind up.”

“The X Factor” premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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